From its inception in 1997, Prairie Equine Veterinary Clinic has always strived to provide the highest quality medical care to the equine patients along with exceptional service to their owners and trainers. Prairie initially made its name as a sports medicine practice catering to the show horse industry. After years of rapid growth, Dr. Meister sought to take the practice to a higher level by offering in-house medical and surgical care, as well as in-house laboratory services.

Along the way, Prairie Equine has expanded from one to two doctors, along with a full support staff of office staff and technicians. In addition, Prairie works with several specialists when needed to provide the best care possible, including an ophthalmologist, a visiting board-certified surgeon and a specialty dental veterinarian. Our doctors also have many nationally known experts available for phone consultation to ensure that the treatments recommended are the best currently available. We are thrilled with the quality of care that we are able to provide with the support of our new hospital and our staff. Prairie will continue expanding its capabilities on the path to our goal of becoming a regional diagnostic and treatment center.

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